BEO - Boost Engery Optimization

Machines as well as people, who want to be healthy and operate sustainably, need to have regular maintenance checks. However, not all customers pay attention carefully to this issue. Understanding that, from April 2018, Bach Viet and Grundfos have been cooperating to implement the "FREE CHECK PUMPS" program to help the pump achieve optimal performance.
This program is completely free and participatory of engineers trained by Grundfos.

Working content:
Check if the pump is installed properly.
Check for worn out, and cause if any.
Check if the pump is operating at the best duty point.
Check energy saving potential when compared to high-performance pumps and intelligent controllers.
Check the necessary maintenance and repair needs to help the pump operate with the most durable time.

After being done, Bach Viet will send back to customers the report, make recommendations, ways to overcome in the unreasonable points to pump the most effective operation. The right and reasonable use in the long term will help save customers the value is not small and we can completely calculate and control this.
Testing will be performed on all Grundfos centrifugal pumps and other brands if required by the customer.

If our engineer has not contacted our customers yet, please give us feedback:
BEO Service:
Dao Van Tai (Mr.)
M (+84) 938 908 390 | E:
T (+84 28) 3991 9404

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