When purchasing products from Bach Viet, our customers not only get customer care service at site from Bach Viet but also at global service stations of Suppliers that Bach Viet is authorized distributor.

We are committed to providing customers with satisfaction and professional service.


  • Grundfos pump & pressure tank: Products are warranted for 24 months from date of delivery or 18 months from date of installation (upon which comes earlier).

  • Grundfos spare parts & accessories: Not applied warranty under manufacturer's policy.

  • Grundfos spare parts & accessories replaced by Bach Viet service engineers: 6-month warranty from date of replacement or delivery upon which comes earlier.

  • Other products: Under specific manufacture.

- The warranty is valid when installed and operated according to The Documentation of Installation Operation enclosed the product and good practice the rules.

- Service staffs of Bach Viet will consider and determine fault warranty within 24 hours after receiving the claim from customers.

- For the products which are under the warranty conditions, Bach Viet will repair and/or replace necessary parts free of charge in time as soon as possible during business hours at the service center or the manufacturer of center specified by the manufacturer.

- Customers must be charged for removable costs, installation cost and the transportation cost to and from the service center of the manufacturer (if any).

- Bach Viet is not responsible for damages or delivery costs, reset, repair or other tests that are related to defective products or spare part in it that provided by Bach Viet.

- Bach Viet is not responsible for any loss of business, loss of profits or time as or indirect losses similar.

- Bach Viet shall refuse to repair products contaminated by toxic or hazardous liquid environment.

- Upon receipt of goods, the buyer must ensure that all parts are intact and in accordance with the order. Buyers are only resolved complaints about missing or defective upon delivery of the goods.


- The product is damaged, worn by normal operating conditions, accident, abuse, misuse, alteration or unauthorized repair.

- The faults of non-adherence to operating, storage, maintenance or installation instructions, unsuitable or improper use, wrong or negligent use by customers.

-         Normal wear and tear or force majeure.

- The product is used for applications that do not accordance to the manufacturer's instructions.



  • When customers order spare parts under service orders, the standard warranty will remain - except the parts worn faster than 18-month period as usual.

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